How would you spend £2.4m on Crystal Palace park?

There has been much discussion about the need to improve Crystal Palace Park. Now, a range of improvements are being proposed, which could be achieved or implemented in a relatively short time period as part of a plan to invest £2.4 million by the Mayor of London and Bromley Council.

The proposed projects have already been publicly discussed and are largely drawn from the widely consulted 2007 Masterplan, the Heritage Lottery Fund application, and community feedback. The booklet at this link on Bromley Council’s website contains details on the projects and this latest consultation seeks to establish a list of prioritised proposals as part of the £2.4 million scheme.

This is the web address that explains each of the park “options” being consulted is at:

This is web address for the consultation survey is at:

Indicate your preferences by allocating “20 points” across the projects that you think are worthy of funding. Please ensure that no more than 20pts in total is allocated across one or more projects you wish to support.


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