Bromley Council / GLA

What the Mayor of London has said in response to questions by GLA assembly members about the proposed development in Crystal Palace park – thanks to Tom Chance and the Green Party

This is the page on Bromley Council’s website about Crystal Palace park

What you will find on this site:

– FAQs about the future of Crystal Palace park

– A video of the chairman of ZhongRong Group Mr Ni talking about the proposed development

– Information on the proposed governance of Crystal Palace park

– Minutes from committee meetings – park management board, community stakeholder group and the heritage and environment group

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between ZhongRong Group, Bromley Council and the GLA on 27 March 2013. This was signed in private and kept confidential until the official announcement of the proposed development by the Mayor of London on 3 October 2013. You can see the memorandum here:

This MoU was superseded by an exclusivity agreement on 5 November 2014. This agreement gives ZhongRong Group 100% control over both the land and the building in advance of committing to undertake their proposed development for 16 months until February 2015. This is the exclusivity area:

Exclusivity area

The Draft London Plan

The draft London Plan was out for consultation until 10 April 2014. In this plan Crystal Palace was proposed as a strategic Outer London development area. Responses were invited to the plan from members of the public and interested parties. Here one of  the responses – from The Crystal Palace Foundation, a local community group –

Link to alterations to the draft London Plan


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