Boris Johnson answers some questions…

The Green Party have done some sterling work in the London Assembly and posted a collection of answers Boris has given to the various questions raised about the proposed development in Crystal Palace.  This makes interesting reading…

You will also see questions raised by other politicians, including Val Shawcross who took part in our first debate, answered in this section.

Darren Johnson asks Boris

Darren Johnson asks Boris


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  1. Sarah says:

    Whilst I think the park is already being treated differently (already a community space, publicly owned), I hope local groups/forums will continue to be involved. You might be interested in this story about The Royal Mail Group Development Plans for the Mount Pleasant site which has been ‘called in’ by the Mayor. This is one to watch as to how he responds to it and the future for this proposed development. Listen to my podcast for Camden Community Radio about the issue here. (It’s the first full story, no need to listen any further, I’m not self promoting, just want to ensure Mayor Johnson’s actions really do benefit our communities).

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